More Efficient Processes Equals More Output

IT Optimization

By consistently aligning your technology and your team's capabilities with your goals, your organization becomes more efficient, structured and results-oriented.

Technology Alignment Process

Changing software (and hardware) might sting operationally for a day or two, but that one day of training can deliver years of efficiency gain.
One-time or ongoing technology alignments
Projects can take a while, however will likely radically increase the efficiency of your organization
Efficiency gains
Softwares we love

Software & Workflows

We train staff, suggest new processes (such as ERP's, CRM's and more), optimize infrastructure and ensure that you leverage today's technology as much as possible.
“The project could not have succeeded as it did if it were not for AATSG's intense and professional work in performing”
Yaron Ilan, Information Technology Business Analyst

Consult with a Dedicated CIO

Every quarter, we assess the impact of our partnership. We discuss past performance and evaluate our technology reports. Similarly, we plan for the future and discuss alignment practices.
"We are always excited
for the next meeting"

Marlon C. Taylor

“Innovative marketing and business development ideas.”

I am in the cloud services market, and I must say that AATSG has been a consistent value-add resource to their clients.

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Automating Processes

A lot of time can be saved by making sure different tools communicate with each other. Automation has an immediate impact on your business' output.
Connect your tools
Custom automation by
implementing new code

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

We are specialists in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace and can train your staff to maximize their productivity using these tools.
Key benefits are:
Access files anywhere
Secure cloud storage
Improved communication
Additional backups
Centralized collaboration

Data Analytics

We help you collect, interpret, clean and structure company data in order to utilize it more effectively.
"The AATSG team is very knowledgeable, great at time management and know how to implement new business ideas."
Raulston Daley, Greater Tampa Bay Area

“Often dealt with Felix and his team when either I, or another staff member, had computer issues. They were always prompt, repsonsive, and thorough”

Wendy Levinson, Artist, Outreach Specialist and Educator at Congregation Tehillah
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